Star Collector"... the boys continue to embrace decadent ‘70’s Americana while maintaining their unabashed love of British power-pop. This time, however, the heavy is heavier, the moody, moodier..."

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This, as they say, is where it all began. I got my start in graphic design while playing lead guitar with Star Collector. The first CD cover in 1999 (Demo Model 256) was a masterpiece of scotch-tape and photocopying.

As fate would have it the lead singer's (Vic Wayne) brother-in-law (Cory Bates) ended up being a talented graphic designer and we started designing all-things-Star-Collector together for the following 8+ years.

The Star Collector website has been a constantly evolving experiment that has also been a consistent learning vehicle.

The Star Collector MySpace has also been a fun learning ground and has given me much insight into MySpace customization projects for the likes of Xavier Rudd, Matthew McConaughey & Mishka.